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In Florida, your AC is your best friend. It provides you with much-needed relief from the hot and humid climate, and it also helps prevent mold and mildew from growing. Your AC gives you the ideal living environment, but did you know the common myths surrounding it? 

In today’s article, we are debunking the five common myths regarding your AC that could be costing you money and comfort.

These Myths Include:

  1. Leaving your AC Thermostat at the Same Temperature is More Energy-efficient
  2. Closing Off Vents in Unoccupied Rooms Saves You Money
  3. AC Maintenance is Required Only When There is an Issue
  4. Your AC Thermostat Location Does Not Matter
  5. A larger AC system is Always Better

AC Unit | AC Myths | AC Care Heat & Air | Florida

Myth – Leaving your AC Thermostat at the Same Temperature is More Energy-efficient

While a consistent temperature may feel great at the time, setting your thermostat to the same degree can cost you more money. When the temperature drops in Florida (which it does every once in a while), this is a great time to set your temperature in correspondence with the weather.

Adjusting Accordingly

By adjusting your thermostat based on the seasons and your schedule, you can ultimately reduce your energy usage and save money. Having a smaller difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures lowers your overall cooling bill. This strategy can be followed for both summer and winter.

Myth – Closing Off Vents In Unoccupied Rooms Saves You Money

Closed Vents | AC Myths | AC Care Heat & Air | Florida

Your AC was designed to deliver a specific amount of air throughout your home, and just like any machine, your AC system needs to breathe aka: it needs a consistent flow. When you close off vents because the room is not being used or you want the flow directed elsewhere, you are disrupting that flow.  

Pressure Imbalance 

Closing your vents increases pressure, creating a negative balance between your supply and return vents. Because of the pressure imbalance, air can leak into your attic or other interiors, and your AC works HARDER to cool your home down to make up for it. Not only does this cost you more money, but it can also cost your health as well (mold growth, CO1 leaks, etc.).


AC Maintenance is Required Only When There is an Issue

AC Maintenance | AC Myths | AC Care Heat & Air | Florida

Running your AC doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but if you think this means avoiding routine maintenance – think again. Neglecting your AC will not only make it work harder but will cost you more money to fix issues that could have been nipped in the bud. 

While most people can change their air filter at home, a professional technician can check and service the following:

  1. Check the refrigerant level to make sure it’s correct.
  2. Use a leak detector to identify and fix any refrigerant leaks.
  3. If any refrigerant must be removed from the system, capture and dispose of it properly.
  4. Inspect and seal any duct leaks in central systems.
  5. Measure airflow across the evaporator coil.
  6. Verify that the heating and cooling systems cannot run simultaneously by ensuring the correct operation sequence for electric controls.
  7. Inspect electric terminals, clean them, tighten connections, and apply a non-conductive coating if necessary.
  8. Lubricate motors and check belts for tightness and wear.
  9. Verify the thermostat’s accuracy.

Myth – Your AC Thermostat Location Does Not Matter

AC Thermostat | AC Myths | AC Care Heat & Air | Florida

Another common AC myth is that your thermostat’s location can be ANYWHERE. Your thermostat needs to be on an interior wall away from environmental factors. Direct sunlight, window drafts, and bathrooms can cause temperature fluctuations because of their ever-changing heat, humidity, or drafts. Even placing your thermostat near furniture can cause your thermostat to give a false reading because furniture blocks natural air movement.

When your AC thermostat accurately reflects your home’s temperature, it can help optimize your AC system’s settings for energy efficiency. This can reduce your energy bill as well as reduce wear and tear on your system.


Myth – A larger AC System is Always Better

Large AC Unit | AC Myths | AC Care Heat & Air | Florida

Go big or go home, right? In the case of your AC system, that is a myth. While a large unit may give a big blast of cold air, it will shut off faster because the system has been tricked into thinking the house is cooled down fully. This will cause your system to cycle on and off more frequently, causing wear and tear on the unit and giving you a bigger bill. Your AC system should be sized accordingly so the various intervals can maintain the desired temperature setting. 

Trust the AC Experts, Not the Myths

At AC Care Heat & Air, we are committed to providing reliable AC products for residents in The Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. Our company is built on trust and dedication to serving you to the best of our abilities.

We offer our services at affordable rates and provide upfront pricing without any hidden surprises. We offer financing options on approved credit to help you receive the necessary services. We are confident in the quality of our work and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can count on us to meet and exceed your expectations every time.

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