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AC Care Heat & Air

Air Conditioning Repair Company

When you need a professional to help you with an AC repair there’s no need to look beyond AC Care Heat & Air.

Our locally owned and operated company is accredited by the BBB and proud to be a Lennox Factory Authorized Dealer. We offer 24/7 availability for emergencies and are flexible with our scheduling.

Best Treasure Coast and Palm Beach HVAC Repair Professionals

We want our customers to have peace of mind about the HVAC repair service that we perform. All of our residential replacements and repairs are backed with a two-year warranty, and we give each job our full attention. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed, and we go the extra mile to offer personalized services. 

We’re known for:

  • Working Efficiently
  • Offering Comprehensive Services
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Having Open Lines of Communication

HVAC Repair Options

Determining the cause of an issue is important to get it fixed correctly. Our technicians keep current with new cooling systems so that they can complete any air conditioning repair job on The Treasure Coast or Palm Beaches professionally. Whether your system isn’t cooling your home evenly or it has stopped functioning completely, we can help. At AC Care Heat & Air, we give each job on The Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches our complete attention from beginning to end.

We focus on:

  • Being On Time for Appointments
  • Working in a Detail-focused Manner
  • Keeping Our Work Area Clean
  • Offering Customers Sound Advice
AC and Heat Pump System Maintenance and Repair - A/C Care Heat and Air

A variety of things can go wrong with an AC unit, and we’ll make sure there aren’t any lurking problems. We use professional tools and parts that we trust to work properly for a long time. Our AC repairs could increase the energy efficiency of your cooling system and reduce your cooling bills on Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches. We’ll always have your best interests in mind when servicing your air conditioning system.

Reliable HVAC Repair Technicians on The Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches

AC Care Heat & Air is a reputable air conditioning company that provides high-quality services to clients in The Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches area. With a team of factory-trained technicians, we are well-equipped to handle any type of AC repair job, no matter how complex it may seem. They have the necessary expertise and experience to work on any make or model of cooling system, ensuring that they can handle all of their clients’ needs.

One of the unique features of AC Care Heat & Air is our upfront pricing policy. We understand that AC repairs can be stressful for clients, especially if they are unsure how much it will cost. That’s why we offer transparent pricing and provide a detailed estimate for any AC and heating repair job before they start working. Clients have the opportunity to review and approve the estimate, giving them peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any surprises or hidden fees.

Moreover, AC Care Heat & Air keeps their rate as low as possible, making sure that clients can afford the repairs they need when they need them. We understand that a broken air conditioner can be a source of discomfort, especially during the hot summer months. That’s why they work efficiently to fix the problem as soon as possible, without compromising on the quality of their work. At AC Care, we emphasize educating our clients and highly recommend proper routine maintenance. This ensures that the system operates at its best and extends the life of the AC unit.

Aside from air conditioning repair services at AC Care Heat & Air, we also provide AC installation and maintenance services. With our highly-rated services, we can help clients ensure that their air conditioning systems are functioning optimally and efficiently, reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of their units.

At AC Care Heat & Air, we prioritize customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We have the necessary expertise, experience, and equipment to handle any AC repair job, and we offer upfront pricing, transparent communication, and affordable rates. Clients can trust us to provide high-quality services for all of their air conditioning needs on The Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches.

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