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Is it time to consider hiring a new company that provides AC repair services to take care of your unit? Then there are a few things you’ll want to think about.


What to Consider with AC Repair Services

For starters, the reputation and professionalism of a company and its techs are very important. After all, you’re inviting strangers into your home and trusting them with a large and vital piece of equipment. You need to be able to trust that they know what they’re doing and are here to take care of you.

Further, you’ll want to check on things like company policies around damage, workers’ compensation insurance, and company guarantees. The absence of these things could ultimately be incredibly costly for you if the worst should happen and an accident or break should occur.

Finally, is the company appropriately licensed and certified? Are they affiliated with reputable business associations? We know it’s all a lot to think about. But asking yourself these questions as you hire a new AC repair services company will help you ensure you have a good experience and save yourself some money down the line.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the key things to consider when hiring an A/C technician. We’ll also look at some of the important reasons why you want to make this decision carefully. 


5 Things to Consider When Hiring an AC Technician for AC Repair Services


Certification and License

You want to confirm with the AC repair and service company that you’re hiring that they have the right licenses and certifications to get the job done well. Employees should be certified HVAC System Performance Certified technicians. You can ask a company representative when you call about license and certification information, but reputable companies should have this information displayed somewhere on their website. 


Professional Affiliations and Recommendations

When you’re looking to hire a new A/C repair company, first confirm with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that the company is affiliated with them, and has an “A” rating. Then, do a little investigating on Google Reviews, Yelp, or Facebook, searching for “ac repair & services near me.” 

Find out from others how professional and well-liked the techs are. Finally, you can even ask the company for a list of references. Good ones will be able to supply you with at least several. They’ll give you a recent first-hand perspective on how the company and techs performed. 



Installing or repairing an air conditioning unit – particularly a large one – can be an extremely dangerous task. It is imperative that the technician doing this work at your home has insurance coverage, and you should not be afraid to ask for that when you are looking to hire someone. 

Specifically, the company should provide workers’ compensation insurance: this will ensure that if anyone gets hurt while working at your home, the company will be liable (and not you). 


Professional Demeanor

The way a prospective repair company communicates with its client offers a great indication of how they will perform on the job. So ask yourself, “Are you able to speak to someone immediately when you call, or are you sent through an elaborate, automated phone tree? Our company representatives courteous and able to answer all of your questions (or find you someone who can)? Do they provide you quotes and estimates when asked for, or do they beat around the bush with pricing?” 

These are all important indications of how a company will take care of you, their client. So don’t disregard the importance of professionalism! 


Guarantees and Company Policies

You want to hire a repair company that will stand behind the quality of its work, and bear responsibility if mistakes should occur. So be thorough, and find out what kinds of guarantees they’ll offer you. Is there a 100% satisfaction guarantee? What policies does the company have to ensure the quality of work provided? What policies do they have if a part they’re working on should break? 

A lack of guarantees could be incredibly costly for you down the line, so it’s imperative that you ask these questions. 


Importance of Professional AC Services From a Technician

We’ve talked about what to look for when finding new ac service & repair, but we haven’t yet talked about why these things matter so much. Why does it matter that the tech is certified? Or insured? Or has a pleasant demeanor? You won’t talk to them much anyway, right? 

Wrong! Let’s talk about some of the key reasons you want to ensure you vetted this new tech properly. 


You’ll Likely Prevent Future Breakdowns and Repairs 

This is one of the greatest benefits of choosing a well-respected A/C repair company. A good technician will notice as they inspect your unit whether parts are looking worn down or are operating at less-than-ideal capacity, and they’ll let you know it. They’ll take the initiative to do things like recharge refrigerant coils or clean and empty filters; all things that will save you breakdowns and headaches in the future. 

Good techs that go this extra mile for their clients can ultimately save you thousands in repair costs that you won’t need to have (because they did their jobs well). 


You’ll Avoid Rusting

It’s not something that homeowners often think about with their A/C units, but rusting can be a serious issue. Rust will cause metal parts of your unit to stop moving in sync with each other which can cause efficiency issues… or breaks. If your tech is thorough and experienced, he’ll help you set up a maintenance schedule that keeps parts lubricated and functioning as they should and prevents the gradual build-up of rust over time. Poor techs won’t think this far ahead. 


If Your Machine Operates at A Higher Efficiency, Your Monthly Bill Will Go Down

Depending upon where you are and how hot your summers can get, that monthly cooling bill can be really unpleasant.

You want a tech that’s experienced. One who knows your machine well, and will consult with you on how best to care for and keep the unit running so that it’s as efficient as possible. This person will also keep an eye out for any damaged or poorly functioning parts and will let you know about them, so that they can intervene to repair the damage before a serious issue occurs. This will save you money on a month-to-month basis. But it should also save you maintenance costs in the long run. 

Remember: machines that are run inefficiently will have a shorter lifespan. 


A Good Tech Is A Safe Tech

Safety is so important when you’re dealing with heavy, complicated equipment like central air conditioning units. These units contain both a complex array of electrical wiring and some fairly dangerous refrigerant chemicals. Unfortunately, these can have devastating consequences if inappropriately used.

A good tech takes all the necessary precautions to ensure they stay safe while working on your unit. But also that you’ll be safe in your home with a well-maintained and fully-functioning air conditioner. 


Longer AC Repair Service Life

At the end of the day, we all want an A/C unit that not only works great, but lasts. To that end, ensure you find a tech that pays close attention to your machine and its functions, will consult with you on how to run it efficiently, and will set you up with a regular maintenance schedule.

The right person from a reputable company could make a world of difference in helping ensure your unit lasts for years or even decades. You want to preserve your investment – let a good tech help you do that. 


AC Repair Services in Stuart

While it’s tempting to veer towards choosing cheap air conditioner repair to save your budget, you want to be careful. Spending a little less on a poor technician could ultimately cost you severely in the long run. A technician that doesn’t look at your machine closely, doesn’t think ahead towards a necessary maintenance schedule, doesn’t go the extra mile when caring for your machine, and isn’t professional and respectful with you could ultimately overlook serious issues and cause you headaches down the road.

Instead, think carefully about your options. Choose a company that offers you the best AC repair services to ensure your unit will last for the long haul. Talk to talented, trusted technicians like the ones at A/C Care for your AC repair services. You can rely on us to examine your A/C carefully. We’ll give you thoughtful and experienced recommendations on how to best run it and care for it. We’ll also design an appropriate maintenance schedule that will keep the unit running for a very long time. Call us today!

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