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While you can do everything in the book to take care of your air conditioner and perform regular maintenance, sometimes an air conditioner refrigerant leak in Florida heat is inevitable. If you happen to experience a leak, it’s not the end of the world. However, it’s something you want to be able to pinpoint and know how to deal with.

We put together this handy overview of how to deal with an air conditioner refrigerant leak in Florida. You’ll be more than prepared the next time one comes your way. Let’s get into it!

Common Air Conditioning Issues

Before we get into air condition refrigerant leaks in Florida specifically, let’s explore some of the other common issues that can come about. The more you get to know your air conditioning system, the better you can understand the different problems that can happen – including refrigerant leaks!

A/C Won’t Start

If your air conditioner doesn’t even turn on, then you have an issue on your hands! It’s best not to panic, however, as this is a common issue that will likely just require a bit of troubleshooting. The first step is taking a look at each of the electrical components. Check that everything looks relatively normal.

If everything looks good, then you can try resetting the breaker that the air conditioner is connected to. Check to see if the issue relates to something other than the air conditioner itself. It can also be a good idea to check that your thermostat is working and remove any dust that may have settled on your unit and could be causing issues.

If you’ve gone through each of these steps, then it’s likely you’ll need a professional to help you figure out why your AC isn’t working.

There Isn’t Enough Cool Air

It’s possible that your air conditioner does turn on but that it doesn’t seem to produce enough cool air to cool your space. If this is the case then it’s likely that something is obstructing the ventilation.

Try cleaning out or even replacing your air filter to see if that helps. It’s a good idea to replace the air filter if it’s a replaceable one around every three months or so. This will also be the ideal amount of time for cleaning if you have a reusable air filter.

If there isn’t enough cool air coming from your air conditioner, then you should also check that your registers are clean and in the open position. Check that the outdoor compressor is free from debris and leave about three feet of room around the compressor so it can work properly.

Running Excessively or Not Enough

Sometimes your air conditioner might be running too much or not enough. If your air conditioner is running 24/7, you might end up with a hefty electric bill. If it’s not running enough, then it’s not likely your space is going to be as cool as you want it to be.

Your first step should be to double-check that no windows are open and let the air out. If the windows are all shut then your next step should be to clean your outdoor condenser and the evaporator coil.

If none of these solutions help to solve your problem, then you may be experiencing a refrigerant leak or need to get help from a professional.

All About Dealing with an Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak In Florida

Now that you know a bit more about the common issues that can arise when it comes to your air conditioner, it’s time to learn more about air conditioner refrigerant leaks specifically.

What is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a chemical that can be found in the exterior portion of your A/C system. Its purpose is to help with the performance of your air conditioner by quickly changing to vapor from a liquid and then back to vapor again.

This is done through the use of a condenser that heats the refrigerant and moves it through the coils, where it will then be cooled down to a temperature that’s lower than the temperature in your space. As the refrigerant meets with the warm air outside, it evaporates as it absorbs heat. After that, the refrigerant goes back to the exterior portion of your air conditioner, taking the heat outside. The heat is then released, and the process is repeated.

How Does Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak in Florida?

You can imagine that a lot of problems can arise if your A/C’s refrigerant starts to leak. There’s no single way to answer the question of how refrigerant leaks, but it’s something that can be difficult to prevent.

Why? Because for years at a time, the refrigerant is kept pressurized. If the pipes are to corrode or if something was to bump the air conditioner, then leaks can happen. The bottom line is that if refrigerant does start to leak, it can mean quite a disaster, especially if it’s not found right away.

Signs of a Refrigerant Leak

If you start to notice that your A/C unit isn’t cooling your home properly, then you will want to check for an air conditioner refrigerant leak. This is the most common sign of a refrigerant leak and likely means it’s time for an HVAC service before things can progress and get even worse!

It’s also common to notice that you’re getting a higher electricity bill if you have a refrigerant leak. Your unit likely isn’t blowing any air in this case, or the coils could be frozen. It’s always best to get a professional to come to take a look and help you investigate what the problem is. The sooner you fix it, the better you can keep your electricity bill in check!

Health Effects

If you are to experience a refrigerant leak, then you might find yourself concerned about what the health effects could look like. Refrigerant can be a dangerous chemical in your home if not handled properly.

The good news is that these chemicals aren’t necessarily as dangerous as others that exist in your home. However, a refrigerant leak could have some negative health effects such as dizziness, loss of coordination, shortness of breath, or poor concentration.

If you think you might be experiencing some of these symptoms, be sure to visit your doctor and then get a professional to investigate.

How to Fix an Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak

The truth is that unless you’re an HVAC professional who knows how to handle refrigerants, it’s likely going to be best to leave fixing the leak to someone else. Even if you do find a leak, there could be multiple areas where the refrigerant is leaking.

A professional will do the necessary testing to see where the refrigerant is coming from and then put a plan in place to either fix it or make a recommendation. There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to your air conditioner than you might think!

Monitoring Your Air Conditioner

Getting an air conditioner can be quite an investment which is why you must pay attention to yours and take care of it. It might slowly wear out over time, but monitoring and performing regular maintenance can do wonders for ensuring yours stays up and working properly.

If you notice something is off with your air conditioner, get in touch with A/C Care Heat and Air to get the expert help you need.

Get the Help You Need

You might encounter unfortunate problems when it comes to your air conditioner, but that doesn’t mean you need to be alone when it comes to dealing with them! A/C Care Heat and Air is readily available to help you with the common problems and leaks that can happen with your air conditioner. No heating or cooling system repair job is too complex or simple for us to take on.

We are proud to provide high-quality air conditioner repairs at an affordable price. Ready to get the help you need? Give us a call and let’s get started on getting your system back up and running smoothly!

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