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Air conditioning units are an essential part of many homes and workplaces in Florida and beyond. They not only maintain a perfect temperature and moisture but also improve air quality at the same time.

The problem is, when air conditioners stop working, your home or workplace can be a much less enjoyable place to be! It’s no surprise you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. But that leads to this big question: what kind of air conditioner repair costs should I be expecting?

Once you have installed the AC unit, it needs ongoing maintenance and repair services. For this, you need to estimate ac repair costs. So, let’s start with an overall estimate for repair costs: $75 to $350.

You may have to pay higher repair costs if you haven’t kept up with regular maintenance. This is one big reason regular AC maintenance is so important!

Today, we’re sharing this guide to help you estimate average costs depending on the type of unit installed or the type of repair needed. Additionally, we will also briefly cover the signs that your AC needs repair.

AC Repair Costs By Type of Unit

Different types of AC units have varying repair costs. For example, a simple window AC or portable AC repair cost may be less than a central air conditioner repair cost. This is mainly because different units have different maintenance and cleaning processes. Further, the price of specific parts varies for different units.

With all of that in mind, here are some of the ranges for repair costs for different types of AC units.

Portable AC Repair Cost

Portable AC Repair Cost - Air Conditioner Repair Costs

A portable AC is one that you can either mount on the wall or move from one room to another. Repairing portable AC may involve draining the water, changing the filter, cleaning the exterior, or checking other parts for repair needs.

The repair costs for portable AC ranges between $75 to $150. Maintaining the portable AC once every year is sufficient for their better performance.

Window AC Repair Cost

Maintenance and repair for window AC units is pretty simple. An annual tune-up is all that a window AC system usually requires. The repair process involves cleaning the evaporator coils that accumulate with dust over time. Additionally, you may need to change the filter or inspect the coil fins for dust and dirt.

The repair cost for window AC ranges between $75 to $175.

Central Air Repair Cost

We also have the answer for those wondering, “how much does it cost to repair a central air conditioner?” The average central air conditioner repair cost is a bit higher than other systems, ranging from $75 to $350.

The repair process involves checking the various parts of the system, including bearings, belts, and the motor. The filter may need cleaning or replacement. Moreover, refrigerant levels are also adjusted. Finally, dirt and debris are removed from the outdoor unit.

Like all other AC units, the central air conditioner also needs tuning once every year for better performance and long-lasting life.

Ductless Mini Split Repair Cost

The repair process of the ductless mini-split is simple as it does not involve inspection or cleaning of ducts. But at the same time, it is costly because different indoor units require repair and maintenance. The average cost ranges between $200 to $400.

The repair process involves changing the filters and cleaning the exterior unit. You can also apply fungistat to avoid the growth of mold and fungi.

Air Conditioner Restore Costs by Type of Repair

The overall cost of the AC repair mainly depends on the type of repair. Repairing a simple component compared to a complex one may cost between $75 to $1000. Repairing or replacing a component is necessary as it prevents bigger damages. Next, we’ll cover some common types of AC repairs and their repair costs.

Clogged Air Filters

Air filters become clogged with dirt particles and require monthly replacement to avoid breakdowns. Regular replacement of AC filters is essential for the long life of the system. The average cost of filter replacement lies between $10 to $195.

The best MERV rating for a filter ranges from 11 to 16. Any lower rating than this decreases the system’s efficiency and is also not effective against allergy pollutants.

AC Blower

An AC blower’s motor circulates the air by removing warm air and blowing cool air inside. Repairing an AC blower can cost between $150 to $250. But in case there is a need to replace the blower motor, the replacement cost can go up to $800 for an average motor.

Some high-end AC units require premium models. You may have to pay up to $2000 for replacing the blower motor in that case.

Circuit Board

The circuit board is the most crucial part of the AC unit as it supplies power to the electrical system of the AC. In the event there is a need to replace the whole circuit board, prices can go as high as $600.

Like other electrical components, circuit boards also wear out with time. Replacing a circuit board requires just a couple of hours.

Clogged AC Drain

A clogged AC drain line can result in water leaks. If the drain line is not cleaned in time, this can damage the AC unit. The drain line gets clogged due to dust, dirt, mold, algae, fungi, and allergens.

The average cost of cleaning a clogged drain line varies between $125 to $250. The process of cleaning is straightforward. Simply locate the clog and pour a cleaning solution down the drain line.

Dirty Outside AC Unit

The outside AC unit has a condenser coil that may accumulate dirt and dust. This coil is responsible for moving energy inside out of the house. The efficiency of the AC unit depends significantly on the outside unit.

The average repair cost of the dirty outside AC unit lies between $100 to $400. The repair process may involve replacing a condenser coil, condensate pump, or condensate drain tube.

Refrigerant Recharge

The cost for a refrigerant recharge varies from $80 to $450. Please note, only a licensed AC repair company can perform the task according to environmental laws.

Expansion Valve

The repair cost of the expansion valve may go up to $425. The price depends on the extent of damage to the valve. The repair process usually takes just a few hours.


The capacitor provides the stored energy to start the motor. The replacement cost of a capacitor is minimal and ranges between $150 to $350.

Freon Leak

Repairing a freon leak can be costlier than other repairs: the average cost ranges between $250 to $1500. The technicians perform different tests to identify the type and condition of leakage.

Coil Leak

When the AC unit blows warm air out, it may be due to an evaporator coil leak. Moist air can cause pinhole leaks in the coil. The repair cost of evaporator coil leak ranges between $800 to $2000.

Fan Motor

Fan motor runs the fan to blow the cool air out. If the fan motor is out of order, you need to replace it with a new one. The fan motor replacement cost varies between $350 to $700.


If your AC unit is making a grinding or squealing noise, it points towards a damaged compressor. The bearing may leak or get loose with time. Repairing a compressor typically costs between $100 to $250. In the case of extreme damage, it’s advisable to replace the AC compressor. Which can range from $1,500-$3,300.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair - Air Conditioner Repair Costs

A malfunctioning AC unit may continue to work for a while, but slight damage can turn into a big problem if it isn’t addressed right away. For example, when the air is properly filtered, it minimizes harmful pollutants like bacteria, mold, dirt particles, and pollen.

When the AC isn’t working, those with allergies and asthma can suffer more than they need to. Not to mention, it’s hard to function and be productive if you’re stuck in a sweltering hot home or office!

But in addition to your space simply not being as cool as it should be, there are plenty of other signs something is wrong with your air conditioner.

Here are a few of the signs your air conditioner might need repairing:

  • If your air conditioner is not cooling and fails to achieve the desired temperature.
  • If your AC turns on or off more frequently (this can also damage the AC unit)
  • The AC unit is freezing up due to a freon leak. If this happens, call for a technician’s help.
  • If your AC has a leaking duct or lower refrigerant level, this can result in higher energy bills.
  • When your AC unit does not turn on, it indicates a problem with the circuit board and requires expert help.
  • Your AC unit is running, but no air comes out of the vents, then there is something wrong with the system.
  • If your AC unit is making abnormal sounds, this indicates that it’s malfunctioning.
  • Accumulation of ice on the lines, units, or compressors indicates a repair call.
  • If water is leaking around the unit, it is caused by leakage in the condensate drain.
  • The AC unit is not pulling out the humidity from the house. If you smell something musty in your home, this could be the culprit.
  • If the room lights get dim when you start your AC unit, it’s better to get it repaired before any damage is done to your electrical system.

Get an Estimate for AC Costs for Your Home

Now we’ve covered the general air conditioner repair costs you can expect when something goes wrong with your AC unit. But you might still be curious about what your specific AC unit will cost to be repaired in Stuart if it’s not working at its best. To get a detailed cost estimate for your own home or property, contact us today!

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