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The Best Way to Cool Older Homes

Older homes in Florida often don’t have centralized heating and air conditioning systems that can deliver comfortable air to different rooms. This can make it difficult to keep a space cool during our hot and humid summer months. Thankfully, there are several options that are available for cooling older properties.

1. Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems don’t rely on a duct system to cool a space. These highly energy-efficient units can be mounted on the walls of various rooms in your home. Technicians from A/C Care Heat and Air can show you the right units for your cooling needs in Stuart and get them installed properly.

2. Keep The Sun Out

It’s important to keep as much sun out of your home during the day as possible to keep it from heating up. During the day, keep blinds and curtains drawn to keep the undiluted rays of the sun from directly heating the air in your home. After the sun has gone down for the day, you can open them up to let heat escape through the windows.

3. Add Insulation

Having more insulation in your home can keep the heat out and your indoor space cooler. Extra insulation in the attic and ceiling areas of your home can keep a hot roof from transferring extra heat into your house.

Your Reliable HVAC Company

A/C Care Heat and Air is a BBB-accredited business that’s dedicated to the complete satisfaction of Stuart customers. We’re happy to provide financing options for installation projects on approved credit. Our rates are reasonable, and we can provide free estimates for any project that you have. We’re highly experienced with both heating and cooling repairs, replacements, and maintenance, and we also offer indoor air quality assessments and solutions.

To find out more about how we could serve your climate comfort needs in Stuart, FL, call us at A/C Care Heat and Air today.

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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Whether you are building a new home or simply maintaining an older one, the HVAC system of a home can be one of the most expensive pieces of equipment. One of the most common concerns that homeowners have is not knowing how large of an HVAC system they need for their house. Here’s what you need to know.

The Answer Will Depend on Your Climate

One of the largest considerations is where you live. If you live in an extremely warm environment, you will likely have a greater demand for air conditioning than if your home is more temperate. However, temperature alone is not the only factor. Humidity is another larger concern. Many homeowners are unaware that humidity actually plays a larger roll in the demands placed on your HVAC system than the temperature. If you live in an extremely humid environment, think about getting a larger system. AC Care Heat/Air in Stuart, FL, can advise you on the size that’s most appropriate for your home.

Larger Systems Can Be More Efficient

There is a common misconception that choosing a smaller HVAC system will result in lower energy bills. Actually, the opposite is often true. When you choose a smaller air conditioning system, it will have to cycle more often and work harder. This constant starting and stressful operation can lead to great energy consumption and premature wear.

Your HVAC Will Depend on the Size of Your Home

Air conditioning capacity is measured in BTU’s. Typically, installers recommend 30 BTU’s per square foot of interior space. Thus, a 2,000-square-foot home will need a 60,000 BTU air conditioning system for reliable comfort. However, various factors can cause this number to change. When it doubt, err on the side of choosing a more robust system. Whether you need a new HVAC, air conditioning service, or simply have questions about your existing system in Stuart, FL, call the experts at AC Care Heat/Air. We provide heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services.


Why is my Thermostat in Recovery Mode?

You have nothing to worry about if your programmable thermostat is frequently in recovery mode. A sophisticated thermostat executes multiple functions concurrently. For instance, if you wish to cool your bedroom to 65° at 8 p.m. while the current temperature is 72°, your thermostat will work to achieve that temperature at the set time. If you then wish to raise the temperature back to 72° by the time you wake at 6 a.m., your programable thermostat will do this as well. So, why is your thermostat in recovery mode?

It Is Working

Your thermostat is in recovery mode because it is operating correctly. Its algorithm constantly works in the background to ensure your spaces achieve the programmed temperatures at the set time. If you have set a certain temperature for a certain time, the thermostat will go into recovery mode to execute those instructions.

It isn’t a problem, and you haven’t done anything wrong. The recovery mode enables it to adjust the temperature per your requirements.

Learning Your Behavior

Your thermostat is actually learning your behavior so that it can adjust to it accordingly. To achieve such a feat, it must sometimes operate in recovery mode. If you’re using your programmable thermostat to maximum advantage, you’ll probably keep your home cooler on winter nights when you’re snuggled in and warmer on summer days when you’re away at work. Your thermostat can accomplish these feats, but during the transitions, it will be in recovery mode.

Achieving Greater Efficiency

The recovery mode feature on your thermostat contributes to the increased efficiency of your home heating and cooling system. It makes it possible to automatically adjust the indoor temperature depending on your settings and routine. This means that you’ll save more energy than if you were using an old-fashioned thermostat.

At A/C Care Heat & Air, our professionals thoroughly understand modern thermostats, and they can assist you with yours anywhere in Stuart, FL, or the surrounding areas. They’re experienced and trained to handle any heating or cooling repair, replacement, installation or maintenance you require. Contact us today if you need more information or you’d like to schedule an appointment.


How Scheduling Spring HVAC Maintenance Saves Money

When spring comes around, it’s time to start thinking about the long and hot summer months ahead. One way to prepare for the hot weather is to ensure that your air conditioner is ready and able to provide cool, comfortable air, even on the hottest days.

The best way to do this is to schedule spring HVAC maintenance with A/C Care Heat & Air. The good news is that regular HVAC maintenance has many more benefits than simply keeping your home comfortable. Keep reading to see how HVAC maintenance can help save you money.

Efficient Operation

One important way that regular maintenance from A/C Care Heat & Air helps you to save money is by allowing your HVAC system to operate more efficiently. As part of your tune-up, our technicians will check your refrigerant to ensure everything is at optimum levels, clean your condenser coils so they can remove humidity more effectively, and lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction. Done regularly, these maintenance tasks will help save you money.

Ahead of the Game

Our technicians understand that an HVAC system is a significant investment, even with our affordable prices. That’s why we highly recommend regular maintenance on your HVAC system so that it lasts as long as possible.

With annual maintenance of both your furnace and your air conditioner, you will ensure that your system can stand up to heavy use, extending the life of your HVAC system over the life of a non-maintained system. Plus, by having an annual inspection of your system completed, your technician will be able to catch any potential issues early, preventing your system from malfunctioning when you need it most.

Trust the Professionals

At A/C Care Heat & Air in Stuart, FL, we are completely committed to your satisfaction. Whether you take advantage of our top-notch maintenance services or you need HVAC repairs or installations, we’ll be proud to serve you. As a BBB-accredited business and the recipient of multiple 5-star reviews, we think you’ll appreciate our commitment to you. Contact A/C Care Heat & Air today for more information on our HVAC services.

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Electric vs Gas Furnaces

Our ancestors had only one energy source to heat their homes: fire. Today’s options for keeping your home comfortable are a bit more refined. If you’re like many people, a central heating system is the most economical option. In this category, you have two main choices of fuel: electricity and natural gas. The more you understand about the differences between these two options, the easier it will be to decide which is right for you.

Direct Versus Indirect Heating

In an electric furnace, the electric coils heat the air directly. These coils are made from a resistive metal that slows down the flow of electricity, heating the coils in the process. As the blower moves air over these coils, it is heated and then sent through the ducts to the rest of the home.

In a gas furnace, the flames fueled by the natural gas don’t directly heat the air. Instead, the flames heat a heat exchanger, a large metal component with tubes inside to circulate heat. The heat exchanger has a larger surface area than the flames, which means it’s more efficient at heating the air that passes through.


Similar to a gas stove that is at the peak temperature the moment you turn it on, a gas furnace reaches its peak temperature quite rapidly. This means that air can be warmed more quickly, allowing your home to attain the desired temperature in less time.

When it comes to an electric furnace, the resistive coils need some time to heat up as the electricity flows through them. This means an electric furnace will have to run longer to achieve the same temperature. Additionally, if the weather is especially cold, an electric furnace will be less efficient than a gas furnace since the internal components will start out colder.

What’s Right for You?

Ultimately, a properly functioning furnace of either type is far better than an old furnace that’s on its last legs. For expert advice or assistance with any repair, replacement or maintenance of your heating or cooling equipment, rely on the technicians at A/C Care Heat and Air in Stuart. Call us today.

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Why Is My Heater Leaking Water?

You may be surprised to find a pool of water next to your dry air furnace, but this is a common problem that many homeowners have during the wintertime. There are several reasons why water is collecting around your heater.

1. Water Condensation in High-Efficiency Furnaces

High-efficiency furnaces use different technology than older units to reduce energy use in your home. These units have an outlet to release cool air as part of the heat exchange process. If the airflow is obstructed, condensation builds up inside the furnace.

2. Filter Needs to Be Replaced

If you haven’t replaced the filter in your heater for some time, it may be clogged. Condensation will form on the coil and may freeze. If there is a lot of condensation, it can leak down to the floor around the unit.

3. Leaks From the Air Conditioning Unit

If your heater is in the same area as your air conditioner, the water may be coming from a leak or clogged drain inside the A/C unit. This typically happens when the air conditioner is running at the same time as your furnace, which may indicate that there is also a problem with the power controls for the air conditioner.

4. Damage to the Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger inside your furnace uses fluids and other technologies to transfer heat. The process of heat exchange can create water vapor that may overwhelm the system and collect at the base of your furnace unit.

5. Damage to the Humidifier

If you have a humidifier connected to your HVAC system, the water around your furnace could be coming from that piece of equipment. The most common reasons behind water leaking from a humidifier are:

  • Clogged tubes or drains
  • High humidity settings on the unit
  • Water flow that is too high for the unit

Your Trusted HVAC Technicians

Diagnosing and repairing water leaks in and around a furnace unit requires specialized experience and expertise. A/C Care Heat and Air is a full-service HVAC company that serves residents and businesses in Stuart and the surrounding areas of Florida. To learn more about our heating and cooling services, contact A/C Care Heat and Air today.


HVAC Tips for the Holidays

Holiday gatherings may be the worst time of year to deal with HVAC troubles. At A/C Care Heat and Air, we provide a broad range of HVAC services and, unfortunately, handle numerous emergency calls throughout the holidays. Let us look at some tips that can help you stave off those issues.

Belated Tune-Up

Ideally, you want to schedule your heating tune-up at the end of summer or early autumn. However, it’s better late than never to have an inspection performed. Your local heating service provider can ensure that everything is in order, and if a problem is discovered, it will be less expensive and more convenient to repair it now than when the family has gathered.

Replace Filters

If you schedule a tune-up, your technician will change your filters for you. If not, do it yourself. Even if the swap is a little premature, it will avoid dirty filters later. The holidays mean more activity and people, and you may be surprised at just how fast dust accumulates.

Few Degrees Lower Than Normal

Consider setting a profile for your smart thermostat just for the winter. Lower your standard temperature by several degrees at least. More people mean more ambient heat. If it’s too cold for you, you can raise the temperature one degree at a time to find your ideal setting.

Deep Dusting Before and After

More people also means more dust, and dust can accumulate fast. Of course, you want a clean home when friends and family arrive, but this is a great time to perform a deep dusting top to bottom. Be sure to vacuum with a HEPA filter bag.

Your Local HVAC Experts

A/C Care Heat and Air is proud to serve Stuart and the surrounding areas. We’re a licensed and insured company that performs heating and cooling installations, maintenance, and repairs as well as provides indoor air quality services. Call us today with any questions you may have about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others?

A home heating system is supposed to keep an entire home at a set temperature. So, why are some rooms hotter or colder than others? Such an issue isn’t out of the ordinary, and reasons do exist as to why uneven heating occurs. Figuring out the cause will help direct you toward a reliable solution.

Drafts and Poor Insulation

A room that suffers from a draft will find itself dealing with colder air coming in from outside. This room isn’t going to remain as warm as one that doesn’t suffer from drafts. Similarly, poor or inadequate insulation could keep the room from thoroughly warming up. It’s important to make sure the windows are closed and sealed both at the top and bottom.

Trouble in the Air Duct

Air ducts serve as delivery funnels for hot air. If there are problems with the ducts in a particular room, then the room can experience a range of issues. For example, if a duct suffers damage that restricts or limits airflow, the room won’t get enough hot air. Such a problem requires professional attention. A/C Care Heat & Air delivers on service requests related to air duct function. In addition to residential heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance, the company also handles commercial work. Homeowners living in and around the Stuart, FL, area can request a variety of work.

A Dirty Air Filter

There are many problems caused by dirty air filters. One issue involves cutting back the air supply. If the screen is too dirty, it may become clogged. As a result, the proper amount of air cannot reach every room.

Low Fan Speed

The fan drives hot air throughout the ducts and into the rooms. When the fan runs a little too slow, the air isn’t moving as it should. Upping the fan speed could solve the problem.

The team at A/C Care Heat & Air can address all sorts of heating and cooling projects, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. If you need heater or air conditioning care, our company’s team will be there. Call us today.

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What is Balanced Ventilation?

Proper home ventilation is vital for avoiding excess indoor air pollution. In fact, the EPA warns that poor IAQ is a serious health risk because pollution levels indoors can easily be 10 times or higher than outdoor levels. Balanced ventilation is a modern approach to avoiding this problem.

Fundamental Ventilation Types

A/C Care Heat & Air in Stuart is a fully licensed and insured company that installs and maintains balanced ventilation systems. There are two fundamental types of ventilation in a home: natural and mechanical. Air that seeps into the home under the front door is an example of natural ventilation. Air moved through ducts by an air handler and delivered to rooms through registers is an example of mechanical ventilation.

What It Means to Balance Ventilation

Balanced ventilation is a relatively modern technique in which the goal is to exhaust used air from the home through mechanical means, intake an equal amount of outside air mechanically, and practically eliminate any natural ventilation. When this objective is achieved, indoor air quality will never be any worse than outdoor pollution levels.

Temperature and Ventilation Control

In a traditional setup, temperature and ventilation are controlled through a single mechanism. But an air handler can affect air pressure within an HVAC system as it is enabled, disabled, sped up and sped down. Therefore, it is often preferable to have distinct ventilation and temperature controls.

Is It More Efficient?

Balanced ventilation is not intrinsically more efficient since it will exhaust cool air faster than is required by a traditional system. Nevertheless, technology is advancing rapidly. There are heat recovery techniques that let the system be more energy efficient.

Optimize Your Ventilation

A/C Care Heat & Air is proud to serve residential and commercial customers in Stuart and throughout the neighboring communities. We are a BBB-accredited company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for heating and cooling installations, maintenance, and repairs. Call today or contact us through our website to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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Main Causes of AC Failure and How to Prevent Them

If your air conditioning system were to fail, it wouldn’t be long before your home would become very uncomfortable. By understanding the main cause of AC failure, you can take action to make sure that you can maintain comfortable temperatures even on the hottest of days.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is the material that your cooling system uses to remove the heat and humidity from your house. If your refrigerant levels run too low, your system won’t function correctly. To prevent this, it is a good idea to have an A/C Care Heat and Air technician replenish your refrigerant regularly and check for any leaks in the line.

Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat is inaccurate, it is not delivering the correct instructions to your AC system. This is likely to result in your air conditioner blowing too much or too little cool air. To avoid this issue, you should consider replacing or recalibrating your thermostat.

Leaky Ductwork

The ductwork that sits in your walls or in your attic is what carries the cold air into the various rooms of your house. If it is leaky, your airflow is likely to be significantly reduced. An A/C Care Heat and Air technician can inspect your ducts and make repairs as necessary to prevent this problem.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils on your outdoor unit are used to get rid of the excess heat that your cooling system pulls from your house. If they are dirty, their performance is compromised. It’s a good idea to clean the coils periodically if you want to keep your AC running smoothly for years to come.

Delivering Comfort to the People of Stuart

Whether your home is too hot or too cold, the A/C Care Heat and Air team can help you put things right. Our technicians love helping our friends and neighbors in Stuart with all of their cooling and heating maintenance needs. We can even install new systems or repair your old one. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with one of our cooling and heating experts.