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Smart thermostats are some of the most advanced models on the market. In particular, many people are interested in whether they can control the climate of each room of their home. Let us investigate whether or not you can use zoning with a smart thermostat.

System-Based Zoning

System-based zoning is one of the easiest approaches to zoning. If you can afford multiple thermostats, you can have each one power a certain section of your home. In particular, if these are smart thermostats, you will have so much control over the climate of your home. You’ll be able to program the thermostat to control the temperature on an hourly basis. This is fantastic if a certain room is exposed to the sun in the morning or afternoon.

Sensor-Based Zoning

Smart thermostats are perfect for sensor-based zoning. Here, sensors detect the temperature in different parts of your home. When a temperature doesn’t align with what has been prescribed, the sensor picks up on this and commands the A/C to switch settings. Smart thermostats are already conforming to your home and adjusting on the fly.

Smart Thermostat Features

Lastly, smart thermostats have a lot of features that are naturally favorable for zoning. Smart thermostats can be controlled from a distance, which means you can set up a zone even if you aren’t in the room. These thermostats also have excellent memories. If it detects a pattern in the climate of your home, it will be more responsive the next time. You might even find that the thermostat naturally creates zones throughout the day as the temperature rises and falls.

Zoning in Your Home

In conclusion, you can definitely do zoning with smart thermostats. A company such as A/C Care Heat and Air in Stuart, FL is a great way to get started. We’re also very experienced with all things regarding heating and cooling. We offer indoor air quality audits and trusted solutions, too. We can assist you with a new smart thermometer and you will be able to set up zones in your home, making your home’s climate comfort completely under your control, while you are home, or when you are away via your phone. Call us today for an appointment.

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