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Are you considering updating or replacing your home’s central air conditioning system? Then you may have stumbled across the ductless A/C system in your research. Ductless A/C units (also referred to as ductless mini-split units) are growing rapidly in popularity. They’re relatively easy to install and very energy efficient.

Ultimately, this translates to a lower monthly electric bill for you. They’re also (you guessed it) duct-free. That means ductless air conditioner installation in rentals or older homes is possible without having to renovate the walls or ceilings to accommodate a maze of elaborate ductwork and vents.

A lot of homeowners are discovering there are a plethora of benefits to choosing ductless or portable air conditioner installation. And if you’re one of them? Then you’ve likely already started investigating costs and installation. 


Thinking of Attempting Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Yourself?

Because they’re ductless and therefore easier to install, it may have crossed your mind to do the ductless air conditioner installation yourself. How hard could it be, right? 

Unfortunately, homeowners who’ve chosen to install ductless A/C units themselves are starting to learn all too quickly that this can be an incredibly costly – and potentially dangerous – mistake.

A/C units are complex (even ductless ones). Installing one effectively requires an experienced and comprehensive understanding of all of its components. A professional installer will be able to ensure that everything they install is functioning properly now – and will continue to work properly for the long haul. Professional installers will also be able to help you set up a maintenance schedule so that you can keep your system tuned properly to extend its life. Not to mention, save your wallet!

Finally, a professional installer is licensed and insured. This means they’re prepared to deal with any financial fallout from an A/C that breaks or becomes inefficient. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t.

Today we’ll talk about why it’s so important to hire a professional to install your ductless A/C system. We’ll also discuss the potential costs of ductless air conditioner installation. 


5  Reasons You Should Hire A Professional for Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

We understand that how to install a portable air conditioner or ductless unit is less complex than installing a traditional central air conditioning system… So why, then, do you need a professional to do the installation? 


Mistakes Are Costly (but far less so when they’re made by a professional)

First, the likelihood of a homeowner making mistakes during their ductless A/C installation is far greater than the likelihood that a professional will. Simply put, this is their job! Your professional A/C installer has installed units just like yours hundreds – if not thousands – of times. They know very well how to install a ductless air conditioner. They understand the components and they know how they all fit together. Professionals can feel, hear, and see when something’s not working the way it’s supposed to.

That’s not to say that your professional installer has never made a mistake before – it’s both possible and likely that he or she has. But if an installer makes a mistake at your house, here’s the good news: that person is licensed, bonded and insured. Likely, that person has also given you some sort of guarantee of their work. 

So, if a mistake is made by a professional installer (however unlikely that may be), the person bearing the cost for that mistake will not be you.  But if you’re the one doing your own installation, the only person who pays for mistakes is you. 


You Benefit From Your Professional Installer’s Expertise

Did you know turning your A/C’s temperature way up when you go out of town for the weekend might ultimately be less efficient than letting it run? Or did you know scheduling regular maintenance checks when there isn’t something wrong with your unit is more cost-effective than waiting until something is wrong? 

You may have successfully installed A/C units in the past. But, likely, you don’t know the tips and tricks of the trade that make your professional installer so valuable. Do yourself a favor by benefiting from that person’s training and expertise. First, they will understand efficient A/C use in general. But they’ll also have a deep understanding of how best to use and care for your particular unit.

Further, they’ll help you set up a maintenance schedule that extends the life of your unit and prevents damage or dysfunction… before it even occurs. Your ductless air conditioner installation cost – however pricy – will become well worth it. That is if you rely on a professional who can help you prevent future maintenance issues before they happen. 


They’re Trained on Your Unit

We touched on this earlier, but it’s worth saying again. Your professional installer will know your new unit like the back of their hand.

Not only have they seen thousands of A/C units (and know how to install portable air conditioners), but they’ve likely dealt with this exact model many times before.

That means: 1) they’ll be able to spot any manufacturing issues when they unbox the unit. And 2), they can consult with you on how best to use and care for your unit.

What temperatures your unit should ideally run at. What your likely electric bill could look like. And when to schedule routine maintenance. All of these things are variable depending upon the make and model of ductless air conditioner you get! A professional installer will have all of this insight into your unit and will be able to share it with you upon installation.


They Can Help You Save Money in Several Important Ways

First, let them consult with you on which ductless air conditioning unit will be the ideal one for your home. This includes taking into account your cooling needs and your budget.

Not all units are made equal. And not all homes need the same type of system. 

An installer will be able to tell you what unit will work best with your layout. Further, your professional installer will be able to tell you how best to leverage a ductless system to protect your budget. Ductless A/C units are ideal for cooling the particular rooms you want to use – and not bothering to cool the rooms you don’t. 

Let your installer discuss with you where to install your ductless system to make it work for your lifestyle and cool you where you’ll be. Then, save money avoiding the rooms you avoid, too. 

Finally, (and we can’t stress this enough), your professional installer helps you set up a maintenance schedule. This schedule helps you avoid unforeseen maintenance issues (and their associated costs) before they occur. Conducting regular, routine maintenance on functional A/C systems is so much more cost-effective than waiting until an issue arises.

Let your installer work with you to set a schedule that gives you just the right amount of maintenance to avoid an issue, without busting your budget. 


A Professional Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Will Be So Much More Efficient Than An Amateur Attempt

Do you have days to dedicate to this A/C installation if parts are missing? Or broken? Or not functioning together as they should? Do you have a friend on hand to help you if – or when – components are too heavy to lift on your own?

A professional ductless A/C installer will

  1. A) likely be able to get the job done in only a few short hours, and
  2. B) have all the tools, replacement parts and pieces in place to get the job done quickly.

They can also replace things as needed if there are manufacturer issues. Additionally, they can come as a team if components require serious heavy-lifting (and many of them do). Save yourself the headache! Avoid the tedious weekend project and let someone who’s trained to install units quickly and effectively do the work. 


Call to Learn More About Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Choosing to install a new ductless A/C unit is exciting! They’re energy-efficient and can save you a lot of money in the long run. But the costs that can come with mistakes made during an amateur installation can ultimately far exceed the cost of installing a ductless air conditioner by a professional.

Further, missing out on that person’s expertise means you’ll likely not know how best to run and maintain your new unit. This shortens its lifespan and causes damage and maintenance headaches that will only run up those costs. Save yourself (and your wallet) the pain. 

Let a trusted professional like the ones at A/C Care install your new ductless A/C system. We can help you understand how much it costs to install an AC unit, how best to care for your new unit, and which system would be best for your home. We’re happy to answer your questions, help guide you toward the right unit for your home, and ensure a quick and professional installation so your unit works great for you and is set up to last. 

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