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It’s strongly recommended by professionals that you need to clean your air conditioner’s filter every other month or more during the seasons you use it. This will keep dirt and dust away from the inner workings of your AC unit, which can make it operate less efficiently and lead to expensive repair bills. A/C Care Heat and Air has prepared these instructions to assist you in doing the simple, yet very important responsibility of cleaning your AC unit’s filter.

Power Off Your Air Conditioner

Turn your air conditioner off before you do anything. Otherwise, unfiltered air will circulate through your system, which is counterproductive. You can shut it off at the main breaker panel for your home.

The filter is probably in the return duct. This is behind the large grill on the wall located on the first floor of your home. You just need a screwdriver to remove it.

Clean the Filter

If it’s just a regular cleaning, vacuum the filter. Your vacuum cleaner will pull out all the dust and dirt. You can then replace the filter and screw the return duct cover back into place.

A/C Care Heat and Air of Stuart, FL, will clean your air conditioner’s filter during our annual or bi-annual maintenance visit. This service also includes checking electrical connections, safety systems, and more.

Wash the Filter

To deep clean the filter, soak it in a mixture of one part water and one part white vinegar. You may need to use a sink or bathtub depending on the size of the filter. After letting it soak for an hour, remove the filter and let it fully dry.

After a deep cleaning, replace the filter and screw the panel back into place. You should lock the filter over, carefully, front and back. If it’s worn or damaged it should be replaced, not cleaned, and reused. Make a note on your calendar of when you cleaned the filter, so you know when to do it again. A convenient reminder might be to change your filter when you change your smoke alarm batteries. This should be annually or bi-annually, during the time change.

Knowledge and Proficiency at Your Service

A/C Care Heat and Air can help you by repairing, replacing or maintaining your heating and cooling system. We can also help you with indoor air quality solutions, such as REME HALO, Aprilaire and Fresh-Aire UV. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services. We look forward to serving your home comfort needs.

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