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No matter whether your old thermostat went bad or you’ve decided to upgrade to a smart thermostat, you’ll need to connect the new one to your air conditioning system. The thermostat is like the brains of your Stuart, FL, air conditioner, and it needs to be connected properly in order to trigger the system to cool your home. Follow these tips for connecting your new thermostat to your air conditioner.

Remove the Old Thermostat

Turn off the thermostat. Wait for the cooling cycle to finish. Turn off the breaker to the air conditioner. Detach the old thermostat from the wall. You may need a screwdriver for this. Look to see if your old thermostat has a C wire. If it does not, look in the cut-out of your wall, and see if an electrician tucked one into the area. Modern thermostats need this C wire.

Place the New Thermostat

Install the backplate of the new thermostat to the wall. Mount it with the screws. Use a level in order to make sure that the plate is level.

Connect the Wires

Your wall opening and new thermostat have multiple wires. You’ll need to connect them correctly in order for the new thermostat to communicate with your air conditioner. White wires are for heat. The yellow wire connects the compressor. Connect the green wires for the fan. The RC wire is for the air conditioner. If you have a heat pump, this is an orange wire. If your home has a furnace, this uses a red or H wire. The blue wire is the common wire. Put the faceplate of the thermostat onto the backplate. For a smart thermostat, connect it to your Wi-Fi.

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