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It’s common to come across AC problems from time to time—especially as systems age and the burden on them becomes greater. And it’s true you usually don’t actually need to be a qualified technician in order to see that your air conditioner isn’t working properly. However, you still want to be aware of some of the common AC problems so they don’t get too out of control before you have a chance to fix them. You also will want to know how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Today, we’re going to run through some of the common AC problems to look out for, along with some great ways to prevent them all together. Let’s get started!

Most Common AC Problems

Being aware of these common AC problems will help you to spot them, fix them, perform AC maintenance, and prevent them in the future. This is especially important if you rely on your air conditioner and live in warmer locations such as south Florida!

Air conditioner runs constantly

You might notice that your unit runs more when the weather gets hotter, but it should still have breaks and turn off from time to time. If it’s running constantly it could be a problem with the compressor, thermostat, electrical parts, or air filters. This could end up spiking your energy bill and lead to over use of the system.

Lack of cool air flow

The whole point of having an AC unit is to have cool air flowing, right? If there’s no cool air flowing then it’s very likely you have some kind of problem on your hands. You might feel no air at all or you might feel some air that isn’t cool. This is usually caused by a tripped circuit breaker which will need replacement.

Not turning on

It’s possible your unit might not be turning on at all. Which is definitely a problem! This is something that usually happens because of a tripped circuit breaker. It could also be loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. This case will usually require a qualified technician to help!

Hot air blowing instead of cool air

The last thing you want when it comes to your air conditioner is for it to blow hot air instead of cold. You definitely don’t need to feel warmer once summer hits!

This problem is usually caused by things like a dirty air filter or an obstruction in the ducts. It could also be debris that’s making the compressor overheat. Regardless of what it is, you definitely want to get to the bottom of it!

Water or refrigerant leak

Refrigerant leaks can be hard to spot, but if you see bright colored stains near your air conditioner this is usually a good indication. You might also see excessive moisture which could be a sign of leaking water.

These issues are commonly caused by the deterioration of connections and lines in the air conditioner. It could also be due to blocked drainage pipes that are causing water leaks.

Freezing AC system

Should your air conditioner’s coil or copper lineset have ice around it, it’s very likely your AC system is freezing and working too hard to keep your home cool. This is a problem, particularly when it comes to your energy bill!

A freezing AC system is something commonly caused by a dirty air filter or condenser and should definitely be checked out by a professional.

Unit turning off and on

Rather than completing a full cooling cycle, your air conditioner might turn off and on repeatedly. This is known as short cycling and could become a serious issue if damage is done to the compressor.

It’s usually the result of clogged air filters or thermostats that are miscalibrated. Another potential cause is that your air conditioner is just too powerful for your home. That’s why it’s so important to get help from a professional in determining the best system for your home.

Tripping circuit breaker

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioner tripping a fuse each and every time you use it. This can not only leave your home hotter than you would like it to be, but can be super frustrating! 

This problem is usually because of poor air conditioner installation. That’s why going for the least expensive help isn’t always the best choice.

Weird smells coming from the air conditioner

Unpleasant smells coming from your air conditioner? Don’t ignore them! Smells that you would associate with burning or mustiness are definitely worth making note of. They’re commonly found when the motor has a wiring issue or if your air filters are clogged. Mildew smells on the other hand are usually the result of improper drainage.

How to Prevent AC Problems

Once you’ve gotten the hang of spotting some of the common AC problems, you’ll want to invest in some AC repairs. However, if you can prevent problems from happening in the first place, you can save yourself a lot of time and money! Here are our best tips for preventing AC problems.

Stay on top of maintenance

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: proper maintenance of your AC system is a definite must! Ensure that you’re getting annual preventative maintenance in the springtime. This will help to keep your air conditioner from overworking and will ensure it’s working efficiently.

Clean the area around your air conditioner

It’s easy for clutter and debris to build up around your air conditioner. Always ensure the area stays clear and clean by checking it periodically. 

It’s a good idea to cut back any nearby foliage so there’s a good clearance around the system. You should also clean it regularly so you never have to run into issues.

Check the condensate line for blockages

Any moisture that’s drained from your air conditioner goes through the condensate line. Keep this line in proper working condition by ensuring it’s clear from blockages. This is something that will likely be taken care of during your annual maintenance appointment.

Monitor your air conditioner

While you’re sure to have plenty of peace of mind by performing regular maintenance, monitoring your AC is something you should always be doing. Make note of any increases to your energy bills, smells, noises, or unwanted substances that may appear around the system. 

You’re sure to thank yourself later!

Why is Finding a Qualified Technician Important?

If you do end up finding these common AC problems and need repairs, or simply need to keep up with AC maintenance, then you definitely want to have a qualified technician on your side. Attempting to take care of issues yourself can not only lead to further damage, but can also be extremely dangerous.

At AC Care Heat & Air our technicians are highly skilled in working on air conditioners and will be able to give you all the best recommendations. We work on the best AC unit for south Florida and are known for our abilities in keeping your home comfortable all year long. You’ll get top notch service each and every time!

Don’t wait for these common AC problems to arise. Get in touch with us today and get the help you’re looking for.

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