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When it comes to replacing a thermostat, you can choose between a programmable and a smart thermostat. Either type is relatively easy to install as long as you follow seven simple steps.

1. Turn Off the Power

Go to the breaker box, and turn off the power for your furnace and air conditioner. You do so by flipping their respective switches.

2. Remove Existing Thermostat

Remove the cover plate for your old thermostat with a screwdriver. Leave the wall plate where it is for now.

3. Remember Wire Management

Take a picture of the wires just in case you need a reference for where they go. Label each wire using masking tape and a pen. As you remove the wires from the thermostat body, wrap them around a pencil so they can’t fall into the hole in the wall.

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4. Attach the Wires

Unscrew the old mount from the wall, and remove it. Place the new mount where the old one was, and then connect the wires. If the connections don’t match your old thermostat, refer to the new one’s manual.

5. Screw in Mount and Attach Faceplate

Once the wires are attached, screw the mount to the wall. Install the batteries as needed, and then attach the faceplate to the mount.

6. Turn the Power Back On

You can now turn the power back on for your furnace and air conditioner at the breaker box. Set up the new thermostat by following the directions in its manual.

7. Remove Existing Thermostat

You remove the cover plate for your old thermostat with a screwdriver. Once that’s removed, unscrew the mounting screws for the thermostat body, and take it off the wall.

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