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It doesn’t take spending much time in Florida to realize just how hot it gets! The sun starts to blaze outside and the temperatures start to rise, which can make for relatively uncomfortable living conditions if you’re not careful. That’s why having an efficiently working air conditioner that will help with keeping your FL home cool is of utmost importance. It’s also why you should always ensure you’re keeping up with AC maintenance and that your AC coils are clean and in proper working condition.


You might be wondering why AC coils specifically are so important. In today’s post, we’re going to run through why it’s essential to keep them clean along with some warning signs for AC coil breakdown and how you can keep them clean!

What is an AC Coil and What Does it Do?

First, it’s a good idea for you to get a solid understanding of what an AC coil is.


An AC coil is a part in your air conditioner that’s responsible for absorbing the heat in the air. It works by transferring heat to and from the refrigerant that’s running on a loop throughout the machine. This is between the cooling equipment inside your home and the AC condenser situated outside your home.


Without the removal of heat from your home, your air conditioner is going to be working overtime to try and cool down your home. This makes it inefficient and can end up costing you a lot more than you would probably like to spend on your cooling bill. That’s why it’s so important to keep the coils clean.

Warning Signs for AC Coil Breakdown

Even if you’re not totally familiar with the ins and outs of your air conditioner, it’s good to at least have an understanding of what to look for when it comes to a breakdown. That way you know when to call for professional help. Here are some of the warning signs to keep an eye out for.

Inefficient cooling

You might notice your air conditioner is running, but regardless of the time it runs the room just doesn’t cool down. The air will still feel warm even after it’s been trying to cool it for hours. This is probably the top warning sign it’s time to clean your AC coils.


When the AC coils are dirty, they’re unable to keep the heat out, which is an important part of cooling your home!

Longer AC run times

You’ll notice that your air conditioner runs in cycles to keep your home at the desired temperature. These cycles are generally around the same amount of time, but of course will vary depending on how hot it is outside.


When your coils are dirty, these cycles start to increase in length. If you notice that your air conditioner is running for longer than usual, it’s probably time for a good clean!

Frozen coil

Your air conditioner is likely going to break down if the coils are to freeze. Dirt will stick to it and keep it from absorbing the heat that it should be. When this happens, condensation will start to build up and the water will eventually turn to ice which then freezes.


If left long enough, your AC will eventually stop cooling the air in your home and could end up costing you a ton in repairs or replacements.

Strange odor when in use

Paying attention to the smells your air conditioner produces is another way to check that it’s in good working condition. This is usually associated with a leak of refrigerant which can come from the coil itself. It’s also possible for it to leak from the core or seals.


Any unusual smell should indicate that it’s time to take a look at your AC unit and your AC coils while you’re at it!

Water starts to overflow the drip pan

It’s normal for the drip pan on your unit to collect condensation as it builds up. While the air conditioner is on, the coils can develop condensation which then drips into the pan.


If you notice that the drip pan is overflowing then it’s possible there’s an issue with your AC system and that you should have it looked at. There’s a good chance it could be a coil leak that’s causing the problem. Which means it’s time for a good clean.

Warm airflow

If you start to feel warm air coming from your air conditioner then it’s definitely time to take a look! This usually indicates that the AC coils are dirty enough for the system to be unable to produce any cold air at all.


This is also a good indication that there could be other problems with the unit that you should have checked out.

Keeping Up with Routine Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to keeping your air conditioner running properly and efficiently. But how often should you be doing routine maintenance on your system?


The general rule of thumb is to get maintenance twice a year if you live in Florida. The climate here is super humid, tropical, and hot which makes your air conditioner an essential part of your home. To enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home year-round, twice a year is the minimum you should be doing maintenance to ensure it stays up and working.


This maintenance will allow you to experience enhanced air quality, better performance of the system, and increased efficiency all around.

AC Maintenance with AC Care Heat and Air

If you start to see signs that your air conditioner has dirty coils, or if you run into any kind of air conditioner problems, be sure to do a maintenance check as soon as possible! That could be something you do on your own, or something you call a professional for help with.


If you’re in the Palm Beaches, FL area, AC Care Heat and Air is ready and available to help you! We can help with maintenance and all of your AC repairs. Our factory-trained and certified technicians are equipped with the technical know-how to handle your unit competently. We service all makes and models upon request.


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