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A Beginner’s Guide to Air Purifiers

When purchasing an air purifier, it is normal to have many questions running through your mind. You may be at a crossroads as to the right choice of air purifier, wondering whether it will work, and so on. The right air purifier can make dramatic adjustments to your home’s air quality. Here is a guide that explains the basics of choosing the right air purifier.

Air Purifiers Have Different Types of Filters

Every air purifier has different filters. Some air purifiers use HEPA filters, while others use activated carbon filters. The HEPA filters capture every air particle. Activated carbon filters, on the other hand, capture clean odors, gases, and VOCs. Some air purifiers use both of these filters. If you are looking for better protection, air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters are ideal. You can also get air purifiers with UV germicidal lamps. Such purifiers eliminate bacteria and viruses.

What Is the Cost of Running an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are not as expensive as most people think. For optimum air quality, you need to run the air purifier continuously. It eliminates any contaminants that build up. Although the purifier runs for 24 hours daily, your utility bills will not be affected. Modern air purifiers are designed to save on energy use. Before purchasing an air purifier, you should check the Energy Star rating. The higher the score, the more energy you will save.

How Often Should You Change the Air Purifier Filters?

Every air purifier will require a new air filter depending on the season and how long you use it. Each air purifier has an instruction manual and a guide on how to change the air filters. You can also request that the seller show you how to change the filters and indicate their average lifespan. Most manufacturers recommend changing the air filters every three to six months. If you or a family member suffers from allergies or asthma, consider changing the filters every one to two months.

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HVAC Tips for the Holidays

Holiday gatherings may be the worst time of year to deal with HVAC troubles. At A/C Care Heat and Air, we provide a broad range of HVAC services and, unfortunately, handle numerous emergency calls throughout the holidays. Let us look at some tips that can help you stave off those issues.

Belated Tune-Up

Ideally, you want to schedule your heating tune-up at the end of summer or early autumn. However, it’s better late than never to have an inspection performed. Your local heating service provider can ensure that everything is in order, and if a problem is discovered, it will be less expensive and more convenient to repair it now than when the family has gathered.

Replace Filters

If you schedule a tune-up, your technician will change your filters for you. If not, do it yourself. Even if the swap is a little premature, it will avoid dirty filters later. The holidays mean more activity and people, and you may be surprised at just how fast dust accumulates.

Few Degrees Lower Than Normal

Consider setting a profile for your smart thermostat just for the winter. Lower your standard temperature by several degrees at least. More people mean more ambient heat. If it’s too cold for you, you can raise the temperature one degree at a time to find your ideal setting.

Deep Dusting Before and After

More people also means more dust, and dust can accumulate fast. Of course, you want a clean home when friends and family arrive, but this is a great time to perform a deep dusting top to bottom. Be sure to vacuum with a HEPA filter bag.

Your Local HVAC Experts

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