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If you live in Florida, or anywhere where it gets hot, then it’s likely your air conditioner is a piece of equipment that’s important to you. Keeping your FL home cool is a top priority and so is that precious AC unit you put time and money into purchasing. So, rather than running into air conditioner problems and potentially having to replace your AC unit, why not do what you can to extend the life of it?

Tips & Tricks That Extend the Life of your Air Conditioner

There are many things you can do to keep your air conditioner up and running for as long as possible. Air conditioners are known to have a lifetime of about 25 years in some cases. But they’re something that’s only really going to last if you treat them properly. To help you, we put together a list of our best tips and tricks to help extend the life of your air conditioner.

Follow these and you might be able to get up to 25 years out of your AC system. Or maybe even more if you really stay on top of it!

Clean your ducts

A good place to start when it comes to extending the life of your air conditioner is by looking at the ducts. You can think of your air conditioners ducts as the lungs of your home. They’re the parts that help to carry the conditioned air to the different rooms in your home.

If the ducts are dirty, air won’t be able to reach all the different areas you want to keep cool. If you find certain areas aren’t cooling in certain rooms, then it’s possible it’s time to clean out your ducts!

This is something that can be difficult to do properly. We recommend getting in touch with a professional for help.

Change out the filters

Another very important part of your air conditioner is its filters. Filters will collect debris from the air and help it to feel a lot cleaner. If your filter is to become too full, it can mean debris will end up blowing back into your home – not ideal!

Not only will this lower the air quality in your home, it will also keep the air from moving properly throughout it. You can usually find a light on the unit that will tell you it’s time to switch out your filters. If you’re not quite sure how to do that yourself, it’s usually best to get in touch with a professional who can help.

Find alternatives for keeping cool

Of course, your air conditioner should do the trick in helping to keep your home cool. However, there are other things you can do to stay cool and keep it running for many years to come. For example, you might open up your windows on days that aren’t too hot. Or make use of fans to help cool down the space. Fans are known to be less expensive than using your air conditioner all the time. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure your home is properly insulated so the cool air stays in and the warm air stays out!

Use a smart thermostat

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner working efficiently is to use a smart thermostat. This will allow you to set the thermostat to a higher temperature when everyone is out of the house. You won’t be wasting energy trying to cool your home when no one is there.

Then you can start up your AC shortly before you arrive back home. That way it’ll be crisp and cool when you get there. Not to mention you can save the life of your air conditioner at the same time.

Get repairs as soon as you discover damage

Rather than finding a repair and leaving it for a later date, get your repairs done right away. Your air conditioner might break, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s totally broken!

Any obvious problems should prompt you to call for professional help right away. Whether it’s leaking, the air not cooling down, the unit not turning on, or freezing. Getting help right away will allow you to keep any serious issues from arising. Or the current ones from getting worse.

Get regular AC maintenance

While it might be something that falls to the bottom of the priority list more often than it should, regular AC maintenance is important! When you have a professional come in to complete your maintenance, they’ll be able to ensure each and every part is in great working condition.

Don’t wait until summertime! Get your regular air conditioner maintenance done in the spring, or even sooner. That way your air conditioner will be ready to go once that hot weather hits and you need it most.

Keep it Clean

While regular maintenance is important, doing a few things here and there will help to extend the life of your air conditioner as well. That means cleaning it every now and then!

Ensure there is always at least two feet of space around your outdoor unit. If there isn’t, then trim away any branches or landscaping to make room. A little cleaning here and there is also useful to help keep dirt and debris from entering the unit.

Check the Airflow

One of the things you should be checking regularly on your air conditioner is the vents and the airflow that runs through them. If they are to become blocked, it can be hard on the machine and may end up causing unwanted problems.

Blockages will make your air conditioner work a lot harder than it needs to. They will also increase the indoor temperature, which is something you definitely want to avoid! Ensure there is always proper airflow through the vents and be sure to get professional help if there is not.

Use Your Dryer at Night

Sometimes it’s simply best to give your air conditioner a bit of a break. One of the best ways to do that is to avoid heating up your home during the day. Drying your clothes at night is a great idea as the outdoor temperatures will be a lot lower. 

The heat released from your dryer won’t be as impactful when there’s natural, cool air to help bring the temperature down. Simple things like using your dryer at night can make a big difference when it comes to how long your air conditioner ends up lasting.

Turn off unused electronics

If you’re not using your electronics it’s always a good idea to turn them off! This will help to save on costs when it comes to your energy bill. It will also help to keep your home cool.

You might not even notice it, but the electronics you use every day end up giving off heat that can contribute to rising temperatures. Help reduce those temperatures by turning electronics off when they’re not in use.

Use window coverings

If your windows aren’t covered then it’s very likely they’re letting in unwanted heat! Keep that from happening by installing curtains, blinds, or shades and keep the hot air out during the day. This will save your air conditioner when it comes to using up extra energy and is sure to help you stay nice and cool!

Work with a professional

Our last and final tip is of course to work with a professional! The truth is, maintenance check-ups and repairs can be difficult to do right. Having someone on your side to ensure things go right is an absolute must.

In fact, all of the electrical and mechanical parts of the system work together. Therefore, if one thing is to go wrong, it could end up having an impact on other parts of your AC system as well. This could mean for tons of unwanted problems and more extensive AC repairs than you probably bargained for. 

Work with someone you know you can trust and you’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs and replacements. You’re also sure to extend the life of your air conditioner while you’re at it.

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Speaking of professionals, AC Care Heat and Air is your go-to source for quality heating and cooling here in West Palm Beach, Florida. Whether it’s AC maintenance, AC repairs, or dealing with other types of air conditioner problems, you can always trust our team of experts will get the job done right.

We’re known for our on-time service, upfront pricing, on call services 24/7, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You’ll love having someone on your side who is an expert in their field and will be able to help you navigate any air conditioner issues you may run into. Our goal is to help you ensure your system stays up and running for as long as possible!

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