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Proper home ventilation is vital for avoiding excess indoor air pollution. In fact, the EPA warns that poor IAQ is a serious health risk because pollution levels indoors can easily be 10 times or higher than outdoor levels. Balanced ventilation is a modern approach to avoiding this problem.

Fundamental Ventilation Types

A/C Care Heat & Air in Stuart is a fully licensed and insured company that installs and maintains balanced ventilation systems. There are two fundamental types of ventilation in a home: natural and mechanical. Air that seeps into the home under the front door is an example of natural ventilation. Air moved through ducts by an air handler and delivered to rooms through registers is an example of mechanical ventilation.

What It Means to Balance Ventilation

Balanced ventilation is a relatively modern technique in which the goal is to exhaust used air from the home through mechanical means, intake an equal amount of outside air mechanically, and practically eliminate any natural ventilation. When this objective is achieved, indoor air quality will never be any worse than outdoor pollution levels.

Temperature and Ventilation Control

In a traditional setup, temperature and ventilation are controlled through a single mechanism. But an air handler can affect air pressure within an HVAC system as it is enabled, disabled, sped up and sped down. Therefore, it is often preferable to have distinct ventilation and temperature controls.

Is It More Efficient?

Balanced ventilation is not intrinsically more efficient since it will exhaust cool air faster than is required by a traditional system. Nevertheless, technology is advancing rapidly. There are heat recovery techniques that let the system be more energy efficient.

Optimize Your Ventilation

A/C Care Heat & Air is proud to serve residential and commercial customers in Stuart and throughout the neighboring communities. We are a BBB-accredited company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for heating and cooling installations, maintenance, and repairs. Call today or contact us through our website to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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