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A home heating system is supposed to keep an entire home at a set temperature. So, why are some rooms hotter or colder than others? Such an issue isn’t out of the ordinary, and reasons do exist as to why uneven heating occurs. Figuring out the cause will help direct you toward a reliable solution.

Drafts and Poor Insulation

A room that suffers from a draft will find itself dealing with colder air coming in from outside. This room isn’t going to remain as warm as one that doesn’t suffer from drafts. Similarly, poor or inadequate insulation could keep the room from thoroughly warming up. It’s important to make sure the windows are closed and sealed both at the top and bottom.

Trouble in the Air Duct

Air ducts serve as delivery funnels for hot air. If there are problems with the ducts in a particular room, then the room can experience a range of issues. For example, if a duct suffers damage that restricts or limits airflow, the room won’t get enough hot air. Such a problem requires professional attention. A/C Care Heat & Air delivers on service requests related to air duct function. In addition to residential heating and air conditioning repair installation, and maintenance, the company also handles commercial work. Homeowners living in and around the Stuart, FL, area can request a variety of work.

A Dirty Air Filter

There are many problems caused by dirty air filters. One issue involves cutting back the air supply. If the screen is too dirty, it may become clogged. As a result, the proper amount of air cannot reach every room.

Low Fan Speed

The fan drives hot air throughout the ducts and into the rooms. When the fan runs a little too slow, the air isn’t moving as it should. Upping the fan speed could solve the problem.

The team at A/C Care Heat & Air can address all sorts of heating and cooling projects, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. If you need heater or air conditioning care, our company’s team will be there. Call us today.

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