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You have nothing to worry about if your programmable thermostat is frequently in recovery mode. A sophisticated thermostat executes multiple functions concurrently. For instance, if you wish to cool your bedroom to 65° at 8 p.m. while the current temperature is 72°, your thermostat will work to achieve that temperature at the set time. If you then wish to raise the temperature back to 72° by the time you wake at 6 a.m., your programable thermostat will do this as well. So, why is your thermostat in recovery mode?

It Is Working

Your thermostat is in recovery mode because it is operating correctly. Its algorithm constantly works in the background to ensure your spaces achieve the programmed temperatures at the set time. If you have set a certain temperature for a certain time, the thermostat will go into recovery mode to execute those instructions.

It isn’t a problem, and you haven’t done anything wrong. The recovery mode enables it to adjust the temperature per your requirements.

Learning Your Behavior

Your thermostat is actually learning your behavior so that it can adjust to it accordingly. To achieve such a feat, it must sometimes operate in recovery mode. If you’re using your programmable thermostat to maximum advantage, you’ll probably keep your home cooler on winter nights when you’re snuggled in and warmer on summer days when you’re away at work. Your thermostat can accomplish these feats, but during the transitions, it will be in recovery mode.

Achieving Greater Efficiency

The recovery mode feature on your thermostat contributes to the increased efficiency of your home heating and cooling system. It makes it possible to automatically adjust the indoor temperature depending on your settings and routine. This means that you’ll save more energy than if you were using an old-fashioned thermostat.

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