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A heating unit of any kind will help you create and maintain a cozy home. However, heating appliances can quickly become problematic. Gas could leak out and emit carbon monoxide, which is a silent killer. Getting a gas detector will help you discover the substance early on, but you’ll need a licensed technician to deal with the leak. Take note of these details if you’re still wondering why you should be concerned.

More Than 400 People Die Every Year

Not surprisingly, falling victim to carbon monoxide is as easy as catching a cold in the middle of winter. The airborne poison is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. That’s why approximately 50,000 people in the U.S. end up in the ER for CO poisoning. Pets are also prone to fall ill if they’re exposed and untreated.

Carbon monoxide will cause you to experience symptoms that can reduce your quality of life. Prime factors include the concentration of the gas and the exposure time. Look to a professional heating company if your home makes you feel:

  • Queasy
  • Dizzy
  • Weak
  • Confused

Time Is of the Essence

A well-maintained heater won’t release carbon monoxide into the indoor environment. The furnace’s flue pipe will contain and direct the dangerous gas out of your home. Problems tend to occur when a gas leak goes undetected. Low levels of carbon monoxide can wreak havoc on your health within an hour. Prolonged exposure can deal a fatal blow in a shorter amount of time.

Before you press the panic button, you should let the heating experts at A/C Care Heat and Air give you a helping hand. We take pride in serving the residents of Stuart. You’ll take pleasure in working with us because we excel at putting an end to terrible gas leaks. Plus, the factory-trained technicians at this BBB-accredited company are committed to your satisfaction. We handle all heating and cooling jobs, including repairs, installations, and maintenance. In addition, we offer solutions to poor indoor air quality. Call A/C Care Heat and Air today for more information!

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